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Thank you for your interest in using the GGGI data portal! The Data Portal is designed to offer a single global access point to both submit and review data relating to lost fishing gear. By creating an account for and accessing the Global Ghost Gear Initiative data portal, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions of the site:

  • Any data used should be credited to the GGGI as well as relevent contributing organizations.
  • Any data submitted should be yours to submit - please ensure that on submitted data you carefully read the data sharing agreeement outlined and specify the required information.
  • The GGGI is not responsible for the accuracy of this data - while all data is reviewed and analysied, the source of this data is a variety of sources each with their own data gathering methodologies and practices, for which the GGGI is not responsible.


The GGGI Data Portal provides access to submit and review data to a global database of records relating to lost or abandoned fishing gear, as well as other marine debris. Additionally it contains information and tools relating to the capture of data. Submission of data with specification of varying data constraints is supported.